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4th Largest US Health Insurer Empowers Agents to Reach Proficiency Faster

November 12th | 1:30 PM ET


In the 1970s, when someone needed to look up an address for a party, how did they do it?  Look up the address in a phone book? Use a fold out map? Call someone for step by step directions?  Today, with a simple spoken command to a smartphone (or watch), people are GPS guided to the address with pinpoint precision and street view visuals. As consumer experiences continue to improve at an astonishing pace, member expectations are now sky-high. Are customer advocates being equipped with the tools they need to find information at the snap of a finger?

Join Adam Patterson, AVP, Customer Service of the 4th largest American health insurer, as he shares insights from their journey to accelerate and simplify knowledge retrieval for frontline staff; helping them keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of members and providers. When is correct information not enough? When it’s too late!

In this webinar you'll learn:

• The history of information retrieval.
• How the information age has dramatically changed consumer behaviors and expectations of the past decade.
• New innovations for empowering customer advocates & claims processors to find critical information they need quickly.
• How to turn text-based knowledge into powerful visuals that make frontline employees faster and virtually 100% accurate.

Your Speakers


Adam Patterson

AVP, Customer Service, 4th Largest US Health Insurer

Adam Patterson has spent the past 20+ years designing, developing and implementing programs and systems that enable organizations to achieve their strategic goals and objectives. He has worked across several industries including Personal Development and Executive Coaching, P&C Insurance, Financial Services and Health Insurance Operations. He currently runs the Centers of Excellence (Knowledge Management, Training, Quality and Voice of Customer) at Health Care Service Corporation which is the 4th largest health insurer in the US and the largest privately-owned health insurer in the US. Adam holds a pre-law degree from the University of Utah and an MBA from the Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. Along with his academic credentials, his experience and certifications in adult-learning theory coupled with his Lean Six-Sigma Blackbelt allows him to identify people, process and technology gaps quickly and implement critical solutions that drive closed-loop learning and continuous improvement.  


Micah Peterson

VP Product Management, ProcedureFlow           

Micah is a knowledge management expert and enthusiast, and has been helping companies transform their knowledge management for more than 15 years. When he’s not sharing his love for knowledge management you can find him playing with his seven kids, solving a Rubik’s Cube, or helping out at his local church.

Learn how to help your agents reach proficiency faster.

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